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A first for the second...

Well, as the title says, it's a first. Not only for my second child, but for my wife and me as well. As I write this post, my second son is in surgery for the first time. He was a little nervous, to be sure, but blinked back his tears and put on his game face. As a veteran of more surgeries than I care to think about, I actually calm down when going into pre-op, but this wasn't the case for him. My wife and daughter left shortly after we checked in to take care of some other business here in the valley of the sun, and I'm waiting here in the reception area while the doctor repairs a pair of minor hernias.

Lynx Lake, Prescott AZ

And no, the picture here has nothing to do with my writing today, it's just kinda tacky to post pre-op room and other anxious parents on a blog, methinks, but I think it does need something to break up the page and add a little color.

Anyway, he should be out in an hour or so, and then he will probably want to eat all the way home, since this is the first time he's been without breakfast ever in his life, and to him, that's a big deal. We tried to tell him that the world really wasn't coming to an end since he couldn't eat, but 10 year old boys and food....

And while we are down here in Phoenix, our oldest is out of state, learning the ways of organic produce farming in central Kansas, working for my wife's sister and brother-in-law. He's having a lot of fun, and learning to manage his diabetes without our supervision, which was another leap of faith for us as parents. All the "what if's" you could think of went through our minds (and probably a few you can't think of) when we left him there to work for 3-4 weeks, and despite a few low blood sugar readings and leaving his meter at a friend's home after dinner, things seem to be going fine. His aunt and uncle are pleased with his hard work, and now his little nieces think he's a hoot, too, so all in all, seems like a great summer adventure in his first year as a teenager. A few random shots from the midwest at Tin Bucket Farms.

These may not be the best shots ever done, but considering that the lowly bee, above, was photographed with my 50mm lens being held backwards, I think they turned out ok. I love the background blur I can get with the "nifty 50" as it's know in photography parlance, and when I do flip it around, I can use it as a macro lens to get detailed shots like this bee without buying another experience lens. #winning :-)

This one I'm kinda pleased with. Besides being a huge tomato fan (tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella, S&P, EVOO? AMAZING!!!) I haven't done much playing around with curves in the edit process. In this photo, I really wanted to focus the eye on the tomatoes and tone down the surrounding colors, plus the 50mm lens makes handy work of blurring the rest of the image. I think it turned out rather well, considering it's one of the first ones I would actually show anyone. No, I didn't eat the tomatoes, I didn't have permission...

Anyway, in the middle of writing this, the surgeon came out to speak to me in the waiting room. Am I the only one that wonders why doctors wear the same scrubs in and out of surgery? I thought they wanted things to be sterile, or do they change every time? Maybe they mist them with something like Purell, except not a gel, cause that would be hard to make a mist out of, it might come out more in a sheet or something. Anyway, he said everything went fine. We were told surgery would take 3 hours, which was true, except we waited on the surgeon for two of those hours. He also had some glossy photos of the before and after, but no selfies in the OR, which is pretty lame if you ask me. I mean, for the money, you think we'd at least get a selfie with the OR crew line dancing in the background or an Instagram shot tagged #bestherniadocever. I mean, I would.

Afterward, I got called into the recovery room, where I got to witness the opposite side of what I'm used to in a recovery room. The fight to wake up, but not really wanting to, the snatches of conversation as you drift in and out of the chemical haze (super idea for a rock band name, IMO) the pain that kicks in as you wake up and then fades as you drift into sleep again, discharge paperwork, getting dressed when you don't want to move but neither do you want to lay there in that horrible gown anymore as you begin to remember your dignity, then sliding ever so gingerly, yet ungracefully, into the wheelchair as you begin the trip to the waiting vehicle.

I'm used to being the one fighting all that, it was a little different and slightly disconcerting to be on the other side this time, especially when it's your own child and the most serious doctor trip in years was a large splinter under his cuticle. They also forgot we were there, that time, and after waiting 2 hours in "urgent care" I finally said something like "I thought this was URGENT, that's why I came here!" and viola, in & out in 10 minutes. But I digress.

After loading him in the truck, and getting the seat set back a little for comfort, we headed back up the hill. Oh, that appetite that was so cruelly denied this morning?? Yeah, it came back with a busload of its best friends, all leering and shouting and waving forks over their heads demanding attention, and it got it, believe me.... sheesh.

Anyway, that's the news for today, until next time, here is something to help you stay cool this summer.

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