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Life, and also, bacon jam.

So, been super busy with the spring real estate market picking up. Showing homes, listing homes, closing deals, photo ops, birthday parties, first teenager in the house (ugh, Dad, don't be so dumb). Cooking has been more of a means to an end than an end of itself, and all the other fun stuff I like to do? Yeah, none of that, either.

But hey, complaining about being busy is stupid. It sure beats the alternative.

And a few other things to catch up on. A trip to Mexico that was pretty neat, if you like sleeping on a slab of concrete disguised as a bed. Fruit trees blooming. The first lawn mowing of the season (and I didn't have to do it, see above teenager footnote). And cooking with lard. Yup, you read that right. I have been making flour tortillas with lard lately, and while I'm no Gordon Ramsay, I'm pretty sure they turned out better tasting and more tender than using vegetable shortening. I figure a few centuries of folks making them that way must mean something was working, right??

Anyway, on to the good stuff. BACON JAM. Yes, it's bacon. It's kinda jammy. My wife thought it was something you'd spread on toast in the morning at breakfast, and hey, it's a free country, and I've never met bacon I didn't like, so go for it. However, I whipped up a batch to top the burgers at said teenager's birthday bash the other night, and it was a hit. Even the missus said she liked it, and that's saying something. It's a little spicy, smokey, a tad chewy in a good sort of way, and when you put a dollop on a hefty slice of extra sharp cheddar... YEAH BABY!! (Speaking of sharp cheddar, ever tried honey on it?? Divine.)

So, without further distraction- Bacon Jam:

Equipment needed- 1 10" skillet, chef's knife, cutting mat, clean pint jar with lid and ring.

One pound sliced bacon, diced

Two medium onions, small dice

Half cup brown sugar

2/3 cup strong black coffee (I used espresso)

1 Tbls Worchester sauce

1 tsp Dijon mustard

3 tsp Sriracha sauce

1 tsp kosher salt (do you get the irony here??)

In a 10" skillet, saute bacon until just crisp. Remove bacon and half the drippings, which you could save for later use if you want. I like to fry my sunny side eggs in it. And yes, the yolk must be runny or they aren't fit for man or beast.

Place diced onion into skillet with remaining bacon fat, and cook till translucent and soft. Add bacon & remaining ingredients to pan, reducing heat to med-low, and continue cooking, stirring occasionally for about 30-40 minutes.

While bacon jam is thickening and reducing, make sure your jar is clean, and the seal on the lid is new or in very good condition. After jam is reduced and before you gorge yourself on it, place bacon jam into jar, and seal. Let jar set on counter until the seal sets, and finishes cooling. This recipe makes about 1/2 cup more than will fit in pint jar, so, reward yourself for all that grueling effort and slaving over the hot stove for ever, serving on aforementioned extra sharp cheddar or on a fresh, hot, home-made burger right off the grill. Don't say I never did anything for you. You're welcome.

Also, here are some fish feeling kinda koi.