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Snow in the mountains

Well, 2018 has come and gone, and ready or not, here is 2019! We had our first significant snow here in the Prescott area yesterday, and the morning broke clear and cold today, January 1. I woke at 6am, rolling out after a short night. We had a few friends over to ring in the new year last night, and after the games and food and beignets and clean-up, it was almost 2am when I landed in bed.

So, needless to say, 6am came around pretty quickly. Why 6am on New Year's Day?, I can hear you asking. Well, we don't get snow here very often, and my friend Jared and I decided last minute ( literally, just before crashing into bed) that we would get up early and go up into the mountains to do some drone flying and see what kind of video/photos we could get.

We met at the Constellation Trailhead in Prescott juuuust as the sun began peeking over Glassford Hill, and the frost on the grass shimmering in the cold, clear sunshine of a new year.

With about 4-5" of beautiful powder on the ground, it promised to be a great day in the mountains. Armed with a full tumbler of coffee, my trusty Smartwool socks (thanks Dad!) and the invincible Hundy, we loaded up, and after decided exactly which direction to head out in, we were off!

Driving up into the Bradshaws via Senator Hwy., we marvelled at the sunlight playing on the fresh snow, the sky as clear and crisp as you could ever ask, and feeling like the new year was off to a great start.

Soon, we found an area that looked promising, and after unpacking our gear, we were quickly airborne. The snow muffelled the noise of the occasional vehicle, which we ignored anyway in the quest for some great sunrise footage.

After spending a little time reducing the stored warmth in our fingers and toes, we moved on to other areas, heading off toward Wolf Creek Falls. We stopped in at the Wolf Creek Falls campground, and did a little more flying there, before heading on, deeper into the canyon. At the bottom, we noticed a small track leading into the woods, so of course we had to see what there was to see. After all, a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do, right?!

We quickly rolled up on a small creek crossing, so we jumped out, grabbed a few shots, then traveled up into the virgin snow. I was again impressed by the Hundy's ability to travel off road, and this was my first real venture out in the frozen white stuff in the rig. Here is a quick poser shot about halfway up the track.

Totally needed the LazerLamps today.

And a few more random shots, in no particular order or importance. And yeah, I'm a sucker for shots backlit by the sun.

Snowfall from the pines.

Attack of the killer drone!

So, after we had exhausted our batteries, chilled our extremities, and finished the dregs of our coffee, we turned the Hundy northward, heading back to Prescott and the possibility of a hot lunch.

All in all, a great first day of 2019. May your year be filled with adventure, good friends, good food, and good health! Cheers!!

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