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New month, new venture!

Spiffy new logo!

Happy Friday, everyone!

And, as you can see, I'm starting a new business. Shocking, I know, but please, before you run at me waving handfuls of cash eager to employ my humble services, allow me to give a shout-out to Mark at Ablaze Media .

Mark and I sat down last Friday and despite a little mix up on the scheduling (I was planning on a week later) we were able to discuss the new venture, and what I had in mind for the logo and business card layout. What you see here is exactly, and I mean EXACTLY not what I had in mind! But, I am really happy with it. That's the beauty of hiring a professional to help you with your goals. No, I'm not going to sales pitch you here on hiring me, that would be lame, and I still need to get a few things done before I'm really open for business.

But, as I was saying, Mark has the upper hand vs me when it comes to taking what someone is thinking, and putting it into a visual format. I had this busy, overloaded design idea that I wasn't really happy with, and as we talked and looked at images, fonts, colors and such, he was able to grab some of my ideas that I did like, and weed out the ones I didn't, and, well, you see the results for yourself!

So, now to get the site up and running, business cards made, and start beating down doors. The fun never ends!

And then there is this. My sister-in-law has a vinyl plotter and made me a sample window graphic, which I got last night in the mail. It looked great, and I spared no time in getting it installed on my trust steed, the Hundy, which is fast becoming my Swiss Army knife of vehicles.

So, now I have my gear kit, logo, fridge, cabinets, misc. tools, pelican case, awning and more all ready to go at a moments notice, for any kind of (mis)adventure!!

Stay tuned, more goodness to follow :-)

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