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Quick, corn salsa!

Don't you just love the difference a comma can make?? This corn salsa is quick, which is a good thing, especially when banging out a quick weeknight dinner of street tacos or something similar. It has many of my favorite flavor profiles, with jalapenos for heat, shallots for a milder onion/garlic flavor, cilantro because I can, and a nice crunch from the roasted corn. I haven't been a huge fan of the sweeter element the corn brings to the table, but with a little more heat and lime, it makes a nice contrast. Those of you that know me personally know my aversion to sweet & meat of any kind, so this is a break from tradition for me.

Quick, picture!

There is is, in all its corny, cilantro-y, spicy goodness!

I had a little problem when making this, since I decided to roast the corn outside on the Weber grill. Namely, I ran out of fuel. However, the corn was done cooking, just not blackened like I wanted. Never one to pass up a chance to use my handy micro torch, I quickly finished blackening the kernels and commenced to make salsa!

You can scale this up or down for a crowd or lack thereof easily, and feel free to adjust to taste. Far be it from me to make any recipe hard and fast when it comes to seasoning!

You will need:

2 ears sweet corn

1-2 jalapenos



bunch of cilantro

salt, I prefer kosher

pepper, preferably fresh ground

Husk and remove silk from corn, and break off the stalk. Set aside.

Chop jalapenos to a small dice, removing seeds and membrane if you want less heat.

Chop shallot to small dice, and roughly chop about a 1/3rd of a bunch of cilantro.

Slice the lime in thirds lengthwise, as this makes it easier to squeeze all that limey goodness out and not waste it!

Roast the corn, either on a grill, or under the broiler, turning as it begins to char. Once charred and fully cooked, remove from heat, and allow to cool, cause handling hot corn and a knife at the same time isn't a great idea...

Once cool enough to handle safely, remove kernels by slicing down the length of the cob, taking care to not cut too deep and getting into the cob. After slicing the kernels free, take the spine of the knife and scrape down the cob, extracting the extra flavor stored in the base of the kernel. This is also a great way to add extra flavor to soups like corn chowder.

Combine corn, jalapenos, shallot, and cilantro in bowl, stirring to mix. Add salt, pepper, and lime juice to taste. Serve at room temp. And that's it!

And here is a picture of some kids playing on the Oregon coast while the sun sets, because I can.

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