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I feel so... cultured.

So, this site is livecampcook, and so far it’s been heavy on the camp, maybe a little on the live, and not much cooking. And ok, maybe this isn’t exactly cooking, but it’s close, and it’s really good, and I don’t know why I’ve never done it before.

What is this, exactly? Cremé Frachié. There, I even did it with the fancy letters. Anyway, I’ve read about this mysterious substance off and on for years, with articles spouting off about how great it is and where you can buy it, for only a pound of flesh, or maybe two.

But, I’m here to tell you, that’s nonsense, and so is overpaying for what has to be one of the easiest foods you could EVER produce. I mean, boiling water is harder than this stuff.

So, let's dive right in, shall we?

Creme Frachie:

One cup cream

one tablespoon buttermilk

a glass (or other non reactive container) half pint jar.

Now, stay with me here, cause this gets deep. Pour a tablespoon of the buttermilk into the jar. Then, pour a cup of cream into the jar. Stir, seal, and leave on the counter for at least 12 hours. I forgot it was even there, and it turned out great! It has a smoother, slightly less tangy flavor that is also deeper than sour cream.

Here, I'm getting ready to combine the creme frachie with chopped cilantro and Tapatio hot sauce, which makes a killer sauce for tacos, burritos, on scrambled eggs, and so on.

I also served it up as a side for the tacos that night, alongside fresh homemade tortillas. SO.GOOD.

I made french toast for breakfast one morning, and on a whim, I put some creme frachie on top and then a little left over caramel cinnamon roll frosting. It was melting and blending, and warm, and the toast was just cripsy, and suddenly my plate was empty. I have no idea what happened, officer, really!

Anyway, I really see no point in buying sour cream, as this was better and as easy as you could ever get. It was really neat, and even made me laugh, when I unscrewed the lid the next morning after stirring up a batch, and turned the jar sideways. The cultures from the buttermilk thicken and flavor the cream, while preventing the growth of bad nasties that might, oh, help you get those killer abs you've always wanted.

So, why wait? Get to the store, get yourself some buttermilk and cream, and impress your friends and loved ones with your amazing skilz in the kitchen!

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